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About Us

Hello friends from Russ Casey at Morris Auto Sales. We began in 1979 obtaining our first Oklahoma license as a used car dealer and have been operating continuously since 1982 as Morris Auto Sales. I started out on a shoestring budget but with high hopes and a solid work ethic. In 1984 we had just gotten started going well when a tornado came through our community, and our business was right in the path and it destroyed the 13 vehicles and our business location. It was a tough blow, however I stuck it out and made a successful comeback. Over the next 20 years we went through the ups and downs the economy of the country dealt us, and managed to make a better than average living doing so. In 2000 I purchased a group of vehicles to resell that were set up to run on cng. In dealing with them, I saw what I thought was an undiscovered market that needed filled and made the decision to move in that direction. In the summer of 2005, gasoline prices skyrocket and cng is over two dollars per gallon cheaper. We were sitting ready for that market and our business took off. We went from carrying an inventory of around 25 vehicles to well over 150, and our sales volume increased 7 times. We enjoyed a great 10 year run and are still the largest re marketer of used cng vehicles in the nation. We do now still carry both cng trucks vans and cars, and also some really nice regular gasoline vehicles, as well as a group of very nice bargain travel trailers. And we have a storage facility with over 350 mini storage units, vehicle and trailer storage, as well as mobile storage available.

We remain a very small family operation, dedicated to our customers, our community, and our family. In selling vehicles, your customers will eventually run into some problems. We are pleased to try to help any of our customers, or anyone else for that matter, whenever something comes up and they need help. If you come to us in person or from across the country by phone, you can expect a respectful experience, and we will never hound you on the phone. We will only call you when you request us to.

As I said, we are a small operation, but over the years we have sold close to 7500 vehicles, and I am proud to say we have NEVER been to court ever with a customer or anyone else. We would welcome you as a part of our customer family if you give us the pleasure of serving your needs any way we can. As we approach being in business for 40 years, we invite you to become a part of our family.